Attention NRIs, Test while you rest
Health Check-up Packages designed for NRIs

Starting from ₹3500 ₹2500 to ₹8600 ₹6000

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Welfast serves as a complete wellness centre for all the healthcare needs of the community. We believe our focus on preventive care will help enhance the health and wellness of the people that we serve. The clinic is equipped with the best facilities available, to help us in our endeavour to provide cost effective, quality care to the community.

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  • Focuses on preventative care rather than curative care.
  • Early detection and treatment of disease leading to better outcome and cost reduction to patient and community.
  • Reduces incidence of hospital acquired infections.
  • Ease of access.

Fine laboratory at kottayam hospital
Cardiac Specialists doctors are now checking as welfast
Specialists, Superspecialists
Best dental clinics in kottayam city
Dental Services

medical facilities OF Welfast !!

  • LaboratoryLaboratory Quality - Assured through CMC Vellore External Quality Assurance Scheme
  • Treatment Room Amend it to "injections, dressings and minor procedures
  • Preventive Master health checkups, Vaccinations
  • CardiacCardiac check up, Treadmill, ECG, ECHO
  • radiologyComputerised X Ray, Ulltrasound, Color Doppler
  • IT Backbonewith optional Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Prescription

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